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The main focus of this suppra agreement are in brief free flow of good (Cdn water?) capital (monetary change?) services (little or no control over negotiating internal govnt contracts free flow of workforce (giant employers have the only right to move or recind such movement of their management and workforce to (new markets)of the other treaty countries. I have written e mails to various Cdn media even during our Cdn election no response just more editorials and spin on how great and inevitable this is all going to be for the EU and the USA looks like Cda and her resources just kind of disappear. Please consider this as a future topic I can’t think of a worse scenario for the environment or the people.

The only one I can’t pay off is my mortgage. The payments are’nt high but I’m sporadically employed and making 1/3 what I used to make. I have enough money in my retirement to keep me stable with the painfully low paying jobs employers are now able to force many of us, over 50 bluecollar workers, to accept.

Well, in the US there exists an immense amount of prejudice against those of faith on the one side and those of atheistic ideologies. Great confusion exist between scientists and those of religious study. The problem is that as the errent Intelligent Design movement attempts to infiltrate Biology and other science classes, many scientists, both members of religious faith (religion means to “reconnect” to God) and not get defensive and strike back against people that are a bit over zealous..

Il secondo appuntamento si svolgerà a Vita il 21 novembre alle ore 10.30 presso il parco giochi comunale con le classi della scuola secondaria di primo grado “Francesco Vivona” e gli ospiti del Centro SPRAR del Comune di Vita. Il terzo si svolgerà il 22 novembre al Bosco di Angimbé, Calatafimi. Insieme con le classi seconda e terza C del Vivona, e con la collaborazione del Corpo forestale e dell’associazione Bosco di Angimbé, verranno messe a dimora delle piantine nel bosco che, la scorsa estate è stato devastato dalle fiamme.

Setting up night clubs, restaurants, gaming companies: this is the idea of the Casalesi clan according to the investigating officials. They plan to follow the money, and stop laundering operations before they even onset. Alas, La Valletta delays an answer, and when it finally gets to the Italian investigators it is not exhaustive.

L italo israeliano per il nuovo sistema di telerilevamento satellitare prevede che la societ Telespazio, controllata da Finmeccanica e dalla holding francese Thales, operi in qualit di prime contractor per la fornitura del satellite e del segmento di terra, dei servizi di lancio e messa in orbita, della preparazione ed esecuzione delle attivit operative e logistiche. Telespazio ha sottoscritto con il Ministero della difesa italiano un contratto del valore complessivo di 200 milioni di dollari. Personale della societ sar dislocato in Israele durante le fasi di preparazione al lancio del satellite, nonch presso il Centro di Controllo di Tel Aviv durante le fasi di post lancio.

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